commonplace book

I read a lot of books and highlight sections that resonate with me on my Kindle Paperwhite. I wanted to create my own personal app where I could collate all of my notes as well as remind myself of my highlights, so I designed and developed my own app that would do just that.

a list of apps

Below is a list of apps I used in order to complete the project. To view my entire skill set along with my experience for each app, click on the button below.

logo of css-modules
logo of express.js
logo of figma
logo of html
logo of mongoDB
logo of next.js
logo of node.js
logo of postman
logo of react
logo of visual studio code
sketching out the idea

I always prefer to use notepad and pen to sketch a few wireframes. In this space, I can be as creative as I want and I cannot make any mistakes. I like to sketch out several various designs to make sure that I've exhausted my options.

using figma

Using both low and high fidelity wireframes, I further develop the idea.

building the prototype

I like to test my designs to ensure that I get user feedback. Since the intended user was solely me, I created a prototype to help me navigate around my designs.

developing the app

I had intended to design and develop the idea to make it a functional app. To help develop my backend skills, I wanted to store all the data on a separate database and have the information pulled in through an API. Of course, there are a few bugs that I need to iron out as well as sort out the responsive design. Since I couldn't spend too much time on this project, I'm quite pleased with what I was able to create in such a short amount of time. It's an app that serves my needs and I'm happy with the results.